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How To Shoot Monobeasts In Two Point Hospital

How To Shoot Monobeasts In Two Point Hospital
Staff asking you to shoot Monobeasts or just want to have a good time? This guide will tell you How To Shoot Monobeasts In Two Point Hospital so you can complete staff challenge objectives, aid your lazy as hell janitors to clean up the hospital and dispatch of some vermin.

How To Shoot Monobeasts In Two Point Hospital

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] You may notice Monobeasts scurrying around your hospital quite frequently, or rarely at all. They are more common in dirty hospitals that lack proper hygiene protocols but even if you have 4 janitors working to the bone, a couple of Monobeasts will make their home at your Two Point Hospital. They are very small creatures, rat-like in size but more like a big worm in appearance. They scurry along the ground rather fast, quickly moving between objects they can use as cover.

While you may struggle to find them in the open, you can disturb their hiding place. Picking up Snacks and Drinks Machines, benches, and other objects will sometimes reveal a Monobeast hiding away. However, it is still very rare to find them if your hospital is up to scratch.

You cannot kill them why the game is paused but if you are running on normal speed, simply target then with your mouse and click. I do not recommend attempting to search for them on any speeds higher than normal as they move very fast and a very small.

That’s How To Shoot Monobeasts In Two Point Hospital.

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