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How To Skip Cut-Scenes In Death End RE;Quest

How To Skip Cut-Scenes In Death End RE;Quest
Death End RE;Quest features heavy scenes of dialogue and story, which is great unless you have to repeat it. This guide will tell you How To Skip Cut-Scenes In Death End RE;Quest as death is all too common and having to fight through endless dialogue a second time, just isn’t fun.

Death End RE;Quest boasts a complex narrative with deep characters and plenty of plot twists, so why would you want to skip cut-scenes? Well, the first time around you don’t want to. However, there are times where you’ll find yourself forced to load an older save file and skipping those cut-scenes saves valuable time.

How To Skip Cut-Scenes In Death End RE;Quest

There are two methods of speeding up your progress in cut-scenes. If you press Square, the scene will play out at rapid speeds. You can still catch some of the dialogue and can choose to slow it down if something interesting happens. However, there’s also a way of skipping the cut-scenes entirely.

Again, we don’t recommend doing this the first time you view a cut-scene. Death End RE;Quest throws twists and turns at you at every opportunity, and you don’t want to miss those. However, if you’re going into a cut-scene for the second time, just press L2. This will bring up the option to skip the scene entirely.

That’s How To Skip Cut-Scenes In Death End RE;Quest.

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