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How To Sleep In Beds In Dying Light 2

Switching between night and day is vital for survival in Dying Light 2. This guide on How To Sleep In Beds In Dying Light 2 may seem simple enough but there are a few situations where sleeping in a bed won’t work. If you’re currently running from infected or need to rest to heal, a broken bed isn’t much help.

If you’re here, you’re likely in the middle of a chase and you’ve run to a safe zone to find a bed so you can sleep through the night. To answer the question immediately, if you cannot sleep in a bed at a safehouse, the bed is bugged. We only had this happen a couple of times but sometimes you cannot interact with the bed. Sometimes restarting the game fixes this but a couple of the beds seem to be bugged permanently.

How To Sleep In Beds In Dying Light 2

If the bed is working correctly, you simply approach it and hold the appropriate button (Square on PS or X on Xbox). This will pass the time to the next phase of the day. For example, if you go to sleep at 3pm, it will take you to the night. If you sleep during the night, it will pass time to the day. This can be annoying as if you’re hoping to sleep through to the morning but it’s late afternoon or evening, you will need to rest twice. It’s a bit of a pain but you get used to it.

The bed must be in a safe zone for you to be able to sleep in it. You can’t sleep in random beds found in the city.

  • You can only sleep in beds in safehouses you have unlocked (marked by green icons on the map)
  • If you approach the bed you can interact with it (Square on PS, X on Xbox) and then sleep to the next phase of the day
  • If you are at a safehouse and the bed has no icon or cannot be interact with, it is bugged
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