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How To Smuggle Contraband Past Scans In Starfield

Contraband items are illegal items that are confiscated if you are scanned whilst transporting them. This guide on How To Smuggle Contraband Past Scans In Starfield will tell you everything you need to know to avoid the pesty scans and transport your contraband for huge profits.

Contraband items can often be found when exploring high-value locations and outposts. They are marked by a special yellow icon when inspecting, and each Contraband item sells for closer to its initial value estimate than regular items. As such, it’s always a good idea to have something prepared so you can transport Contraband without getting caught.

How To Smuggle Contraband Past Scans In Starfield

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It’s a relatively easy solution, you just need to add “Shielded Cargo” to your ship. To do this, head to any Ship station at docks and customize your ship. You want to add objects to the ship that have the “Shielded Cargo” keyword, under the Cargo section. Each Shielded Cargo section you put on your ship, decreases the chances of your Contraband being discovered.

Once you have the Contraband item, ensure it’s on your ship’s cargo. If you carry it on your person, the scans will always catch you.

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