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How To Solo MIA Missions In Rainbow Six Extraction

Missing In Action missions can be incredibly difficult as a solo player. This guide on How To Solo MIA Missions In Rainbow Six Extraction will provide you with a list of hints and tips so that you’re able to extract your missing Operators solo, without the need of a full team of squad mates.

When you fail to extract from a mission and your squad mates do not extract your body, your Operator is considered Missing In Action. Any experience points your Operator has toward your total development milestone level will be lost. You can return the experience points if you successfully complete a MIA mission and rescue the Operator but if you fail, 30% of that Operators experience points will be lost permanently.

How To Solo MIA Missions In Rainbow Six Extraction

The best way to solo MIA missions is to use Jager. He’s not an Operator you unlock immediately but you can unlock him a little while after starting. Once you have him unlocked make sure to level him up a few levels as it drastically improves his Operator ability, the Active Defense.

Active Defense places a small turret-like weapon on walls and surfaces. It automatically fires at enemies within range and even shoots down projectiles. When you find an MIA Operator you will see several nests in the room with tendrils reaching to the tree where the Operator is stuck. As soon as you attempt to grab the Operator, the nests open and fire small projectiles down to the tree. Each one that reaches makes it harder to release the Operator.

Place the Active Defense near any nests and it will automatically shoot and destroy them as soon as they open. Utilize claymores and other explosives on nests on the ground. Using this method you can quickly and effectively rescue Operators during MIA missions solo.

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