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How To Solve Herodianas Puzzles In Hogwarts Legacy

The Hall of Herodiana is a unique side quest location with some challenging puzzles. This guide on How To Solve Herodianas Puzzles In Hogwarts Legacy will walk you through the three unique puzzles rooms that can be found within the hall, helping you to both gather all the chests and rewards, as well as completing the side quest itself.

There are other areas similar to the Hall of Herodiana that boast similarly challenging puzzles. All of these locations share similar requirements. You need to have at least two specific spells. Firstly, you need to have the push spell, it’s the one called Depulso. Using this spell pushes objects away from you, which is important in these puzzle rooms. The other spell you require is the pull spell, this one is called Accio. This spell allows you to pull objects toward you. Spells are unlocked by following the main story and then completing the assignments your professors give you as you progress.

How To Solve Herodianas Puzzles In Hogwarts Legacy

In these puzzle rooms it’s worth noting that you can always reset the puzzle by shooting your basic attacks at the gold globes you can find in these locations. Solving the puzzles involves pushing and pulling magical blocks to form paths to reach the desired location. If two different blocks come into direct contact when stopped, they will form a new block. This is why resetting is sometimes required. You cannot break or fail these puzzles as you can keep resetting, but watch the video above for a complete walkthrough of each of the puzzles.

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