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How To Solve Merlin Puzzle With Pillars & Moonstone In Hogwarts Legacy

Another type of Merlin Trial has strange stone pillars with spikey gems inside. This guide on How To Solve Merlin Puzzle With Pillars & Moonstone In Hogwarts Legacy explains how you can solve this puzzle, each and every time so you can solve them anywhere in the game world.

There are many Merlin Trial puzzles scattered around the world map in Hogwarts Legacy. While there are many variations, it’s finite. This means that there will be identical Merlin Trial challenges in multiple locations. As such, even if this location is not the same location you have for this puzzle in the game, the solution will always be the same. So as long as you’re looking at the same puzzle mechanics, such as the pillars, orbs, or cubes, you will be able to find the solution by watching another version of the same trial.

How To Solve Merlin Puzzle With Pillars & Moonstone In Hogwarts Legacy

If you notice, within the stone pillars, there are sharp gemstones. These stones can also be found in the game world and when broken, they give you Moonstone. These ones cannot be destroyed but it does help identify this particular Merlin Trial puzzle. If you find a Merlin Trial with stone pillars that have the purple stones inside, this one solution works on all of them.

All you need to do is search the nearby area for swarms of butterflies, they are usually green or blue, you can spot them with you wizard sense. Approach the swarms and use your light spell. This will attract the swarms to your wand, but you can only “carry” one swarm at a time. Gather up a swarm and return to one of the stone pillars. The swarm will enter the pillar.

Repeat the process for other swarms on the remaining pillars to solve this puzzle.

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