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How To Solve Merlin Trial At Goblin Camp South Of Hogsfield In Hogwarts Legacy

This particular Merlin Trial involves stone balls and special platforms. In this guide on How To Solve Merlin Trial At Goblin Camp South Of Hogsfield In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll walk you through how to solve the puzzle at this location, but the method also works for other identical puzzles found at other Merlin Trial locations around the game world.

There are many Merlin Trial puzzles scattered around the world map in Hogwarts Legacy. While there are many variations, it’s finite. This means that there will be identical Merlin Trial challenges in multiple locations. As such, even if this location is not the same location you have for this puzzle in the game, the solution will always be the same. So as long as you’re looking at the same puzzle mechanics, such as the pillars, orbs, or cubes, you will be able to find the solution by watching another version of the same trial.

How To Solve Merlin Trial At Goblin Camp South Of Hogsfield In Hogwarts Legacy

These particular trials are very simple. Once you activate the Merlin Trial platform you will see a nearby platform with several holes in it. You need to find nearby balls, used your Accio (the pull spell) to grab the pulls, and then lead them to the platforms. If you have the upgraded form of Revelio, it’s much easier, as it highlights the pits and balls from a greater distance.

For this particular location, they are all easy to find except for one. There’s a small gathering of rocks and bushes just outside the camp, near another platform. The balls can be found behind some twigs, which you need a fire spell to burn away. Check the video for the exact location.

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