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How To Solve Merlin Trial In Keenbridge In Hogwarts Legacy

The Merlin Trial at Keenbridge is likely one of the earliest you will find. This guide on How To Solve Merlin Trial In Keenbridge In Hogwarts Legacy explains how the ball and pit Merlin Trials puzzles works, as this particular trial is featured in more than one location. However, as long as you’re able to solve it here, you can solve it anywhere.

There are many Merlin Trial puzzles scattered around the world map in Hogwarts Legacy. While there are many variations, it’s finite. This means that there will be identical Merlin Trial challenges in multiple locations. As such, even if this location is not the same location you have for this puzzle in the game, the solution will always be the same. So as long as you’re looking at the same puzzle mechanics, such as the pillars, orbs, or cubes, you will be able to find the solution by watching another version of the same trial.

How To Solve Merlin Trial In Keenbridge In Hogwarts Legacy

The ball and pit puzzle is simple, it features a ball and a pit. In this particular location you will find the pit on the other side of the river, over the bridge, opposite the Merlin Trial platform. The ball is behind you, as you face the river. There’s a market stall nearby and just behind that stall is a large field surrounded by a fence. You will notice a huge boulder balanced on a broken cart in the field.

Using your basic R2/RT attacks, you can attack the boulder to push it over the cart and repeat the process to get it over the bridge. It’s not perfect, it can get stuck, reset, etc. You can use the push spell if you have it, but the pull spell doesn’t work very well. The basic hits of your normal attack won’t move it far but when you get the final 4th hit in the combo, it will give it a burst of speed.

Simply push the boulder to the other side of the river using your attacks and then push it into the hole. You can use your wizard vision to find things relating to puzzles, such as the pit and the ball in this instance.

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