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How To Solve The Alignment Control Center Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Early on a rumor sends you to a room filled with computer monitors and red and green screens. In this guide on How To Solve The Alignment Control Center Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we’ll explain how you solve this puzzle as it is one of the longest and most complicated throughout the game.

If you are exploring this area early in the game or you got the rumor shortly after starting, don’t worry about it for now. It will be many hours before you are able to return and solve this puzzle. When you first arrive it’s likely that you will see 7 computer screens. Most will be red, and perhaps one or two will be green. The computer screens represent the locations of specific structures in the game, and those structures must be completed in order for the screens to turn green.

How To Solve The Alignment Control Center Rumor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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These structures are the Jedi Chambers. The very first Jedi Chamber is introduced early in the story when you rescue the robot droid Zee. During this sequence, you will be introduced to Jedi Chambers, or Meditation Chambers as they are also called. These are small, self-contained puzzles that require the careful use of various skills and abilities in order to solve. To complete all of the Jedi Chambers you will need all of Cal’s travel abilities, such as destroying the black vine-like crystals.

You won’t have all of the powers needed until toward the end of the game, although most of the chambers can be completed earlier. Once you have discovered and completed all 7 Meditation Chambers, each of the screens in the Alignment Control Center will turn green and a nearby console will become unlocked. You can then hack it to get a map upgrade that reveals all health, force, and perk upgrades as map icons.

If you want to find the locations, check out our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Meditation Chamber location guide.

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