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How To Spend Attribute Points In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Spend Attribute Points In Cyberpunk 2077
There are two main reward currencies for leveling in the game, Perk Points & Attribute Points. This guide on How To Spend Attribute Points In Cyberpunk 2077 will explain how you level up your attributes as the user-interface in the menu may leave some people confused on exactly how to upgrade attributes.

Completing quests, story missions, random events, almost every action you do in Cyberpunk 2077 will earn you experience points. As you earn more and more experience points, you will eventually level up your character. Each time you level up you are given a certain number of Perk Points and Attribute Points that you can spend. Perk Points are spent on Perks, easy enough to find and easy enough to understand.

How To Spend Attribute Points In Cyberpunk 2077

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Attribute Points are much of the same except they are easier to miss, at least I missed it at first. When you are in the Character Menu you must highlight one of the six different Attributes. These are Reflexes, Body, Technical Ability, Intelligence, and Cool. To spend Perk Points you simply select an Attribute, which opens the Perk menu, and then you select which perk you wish to invest in.

Attributes is different. You don’t physically select the Attribute, you just highlight the cursor over the attribute. You will then see that there is an Open Perks option and a Hold to Acquire option (Square on the PS4/PS5). To upgrade the Attribute simply select and hold the “hold to acquire” button.

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