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How To Sprint In Elden Ring

Learning how to move around and dodge is vital for your survival in Elden Ring. This guide on How To Sprint In Elden Ring will tell you how you can make your character run faster as those not familiar with previous From Software games may struggle with the controls, at least initially.

Sprinting can be a little tricky to find as it’s bound to the same button as dodging or stepping back. O on PlayStation or B on Xbox. If you press this button while you’re moving, your character will dodge. This is vital for avoiding enemy attacks and is also a quick way to break barrels, urns, and crates you find while exploring. If you press the O/B button while standing still, your character will do a quick jump backwards. You need to hold O or B while you are moving in order to Sprint.

How To Sprint In Elden Ring

So if you want to Sprint, first begin by moving your character. As your character is moving, hold the O or B button on PlayStation or Xbox respectively. On PC, it will just be whatever button you use to dodge.

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