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How To Start Star Wars Update In LEGO Fortnite

Today marks the launch of the exciting new update for LEGO Fortnite, introducing a brand new quest line to the experience with the release of the Rebel Adventure.

The new update, Rebel Adventure, is now available across all servers. To begin the new series of quests all you need to do is login to a LEGO Fortnite server and listen.

After a few minutes, you will hear large explosions in the sky overhead. Listen carefully as they will point you in the direction of a rift opening in the sky.

You will see a small crackling-like pattern in the sky above. Watch that and before long, an event will occur. We don’t want to spoil details, but once you have found the crack in the sky, you can’t miss it.

Once the even has concluded, you will be approached by Captain Bravara who will give you a pair of Macrobinoculars. This marks the beginning of the Star Wars Update for LEGO Fortnite.

Once you are given the Macrobinoculars, used those to locate a nearby cave occupied by Rebels, marked by the Rebel icon. Head through the cave to the other side and you will reach a new island.

Use the Macrobinoculars again to find Empire units and other locations on the new island.

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