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How To Store Vehicles In Death Stranding

How To Store Vehicles In Death Stranding
Want to save a vehicle for another time or repair the rust? This guide explains How To Store Vehicles In Death Stranding as although it’s a very simple concept, the game doesn’t explain it very well and certain vehicles cannot be stored.

Storing vehicles has several different purposes in Death Stranding. You can store a vehicle and save it for later, saving you precious resources so you don’t have to fabricate another vehicle. Other players can use vehicles stored by you this way (It doesn’t take your vehicle though), and it’s the only way to repair rust and durability of vehicles. You can only store vehicles you have fabricated, you cannot store MULE vehicles or others you may find.

How To Store Vehicles In Death Stranding

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] Storing vehicles is easy. Head to a Distribution Center, or anywhere with a working garage, and drive your vehicle inside. You want to park the vehicle on the circular pad, the same pad you use when you enter your private room.

Once the vehicle is correctly parked, interact with the machine the same way you do when you need Orders. Go to the “Garage” option, select the vehicle in question, and then select Store Vehicle. That will store the vehicle in the garage for that location.

Any items in the vehicle at the time of storage will be placed into your Private Locker, so don’t forget to fill your truck up again before leaving.

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