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How To Summon A Helicopter In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How To Summon A Helicopter In Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Need to call a helicopter in Breakpoint? This guide explains How To Summon A Helicopter In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, as helicopters are the fastest and safest form of travel, allowing you to traverse great distances with minimal threat and enemy engagements.

There is always a helicopter outside of Erewhon, so if you’re looking to find one quickly, that’s a good place to start. However, sometimes you need a helicopter, or another vehicle, while you’re out in the field. Worry not, they are easy enough to summon to your location.

How To Summon A Helicopter In Breakpoint

You need to find yourself a Biovuac, the small camp sites scattered throughout the game world. They are easily spotted thanks to tall smoke plumes that emanate from the camp fires. They are very easily discovered from the air so if you’re flying around anyway, be sure to hover above the smoke plumes so you can unlock the Biovuac without ever touching down.

Once you are at a Biovuac, you can perform a variety of activities, one of which is Garage. The Garage allows you and your team to summon a single vehicle to a nearby location. Choose the vehicle from the garage and the game will spawn it nearby. If there are multiple players, it will always spawn a single vehicle, the last one to be chosen before you break camp.

And that’s how to summon a helicopter in Breakpoint.

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