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How To Summon, Call or Use Your Vehicle In Undawn

You gain access to a bike right at the very start of Undawn. This guide on How To Summon Your Vehicle In Undawn will tell you what you need to do to summon and use your motorbike, or any other vehicle, on both PC and mobile platforms including Android and iOS.

Undawn features a massive and dangerous game world, so using your motorbike or another vehicle to get around is both smart and quick. It’s a great tool to get access too very early as it removes a lot of the typically dull and mundane back and forth you get in most open-world games. Thankfully, after completing the initial tutorial, you can summon and use your vehicle whenever you like.

How To Summon, Call or Use Your Vehicle In Undawn

If you are playing on PC via Steam or the games launcher, you can summon your vehicle by pressing the Tab key. This is the default key. If you have changed your controls, you will need to check your control scheme to find out how to do it.

If you are playing on mobile open the main menu and select the “Settings” option. From there select the “Key Layout” option. This will bring up a list of most of the controls in the game. Scroll down until you see the Call/Leave vehicle option. That’s how you summon your vehicle. It may be different for mobile as I imagine most of the prompts are on-screen, but that should be enough to learn how to do it.

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