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How To Surf Across Water In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Surf has long been a staple part of the Pokemon franchise. This guide on How To Surf Across Water In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you everything you need to do so that you’re able to swim or surf across water so you can reach new areas and catch new and exciting Pokemon.

Firstly, let’s get something out of the way. There are no Hidden Machines (HM’s) in Pokemon Legends Arceus. In fact, nearly all of the functions of the HM’s have vanished entirely. You don’t need to cut down trees, you can smash rocks but most of the regular HM functions like Cut, Flash, etc, are not used in Pokemon Legends Arceus at all. However, you are still able to cross the water.

Follow our Pokemon Legends Arceus Requests Guide to complete all Requests as you get them.

How To Surf Across Water In Pokemon Legends Arceus

You need a Pokemon called Basculegion, however, this is not one you can simply find out in the wild. Surfing, or in the case of Pokemon Legends Arceus, riding a Pokemon through the water, is part of the main storyline. The third area in the storyline for Pokemon Legends Arceus is called the Cobalt Coastlands. When you first arrive you will have to complete quite a few story missions. Eventually you’ll be tasked with catching a Dusclops to help with a recipe to appease Basculegion. Once you have done this quest you will be able to summon Basculegion and ride him whenever you are in water.

This lets you reach new areas and catch water dwelling Pokemon.

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