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How To Swim Underwater In Ender Lilies

How To Swim Underwater In Ender Lilies
In order to access some areas of Ender Lilies, you will have to get the ability to swim underwater. Check out this guide to find out how to swim underwater in Ender Lilies. With this, you can make it a priority and get it faster.

How To Swim Underwater In Ender Lilies

First thing you will have to do is head to the Coven Halls rest spot. It can be found near here on the map.

How To Swim Underwater In Ender Lilies 2

Right below this area you will run into a boss. The boss is pretty tough and is a spirit once you beat it. I used the Western Merchant and Guardian Siegrid as my spirits since this ia mostly aerial fight. Jumping with and using Guardian Siegried makes her attack in the air, which works great for breaking the guard of the enemy. The other thing to watch out for is her second phase, which starts at roughly when you get her down to 40% hp. She will add some attacks to her mix so be ready to dodge often.

The big one to watch out for is after her ranged attack. She warps near you and tries to smack you with her vines. You have to dodge very quickly or you get hit every time. If you can get through that attack the rest should fall into place after a couple of attempts. After you beat her and purify her spirit, you can then breath and travel underwater. You do NOT need to have her spirit equipped to go under the water. Be careful because some spirits don’t work underwater either, like the Western Merchant for instance.

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