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How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring

If you play a class with multiple arrow types, such as the Samurai, you may wonder how to use different arrows. This guide on How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring will tell you how you can fire each of the arrows in the Samurai’s bow as the user-interface doesn’t provide a lot of information outside of the images of the arrows.

For the Samurai in particular, using the different types of ammo is very important. He starts with two different types of ammo, Arrows, and Fire Arrows. He starts with 20 Arrows and 10 Fire Arrows. Fire Arrows are far more powerful so you’ll want to save those for times when more damage is needed.

How To Switch Arrows In Elden Ring

So you don’t actually switch ammo types in Elden Ring, each ammo is tied to a specific button. Light and heavy attack. So with the Samurai if you’re using your bow with L2/LT you will want to press the corresponding button for each ammo type. Using L2/LT and R1/RB will launch the basic arrow, the item in the left ammo slot when accessing your bow. If you want to use the fire arrows, you’ll want to hold L2/LT to ready your bow, and then use R2/RT to launch the Fire Arrows.

And that’s how you use different arrow types.

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