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How To Switch Back To The Bow In Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy has many different tools and weapons she can use but weapon switching may seem confusing at first. This guide on How To Switch Back To The Bow In Horizon Forbidden West tells you how you can quickly switch between Aloy’s different weapon types, such as switching from the Frost Blastsling back to the bow.

Jumping into a new game can sometimes be a little overwhelming for some players. Learning a new control scheme or adjusting to controls that changed from the original. During the introductory sequence of Horizon Forbidden West, the game offers various tutorials. Once such tutorial is how to use the Blastsling. However, if you’ve already forgotten how to change weapons, the next encounter could be a little hairy if you can’t switch on time.

How To Switch Back To The Bow In Horizon Forbidden West

Switching weapons is as simple as opening the weapon wheel. You simply hold L1 to open the weapon wheel. This brings up all of the weapons Aloy currently has at her disposal. You then simply navigate on the weapon wheel to the weapon you want to choose and release L1. Once the weapon wheel closes, Aloy will quickly switch and you’ll be holding the previously selected weapon.

  • During the prologue for Horizon Forbidden West you’re taught how to use the Frost Blastsling, one of Aloy’s many different weapons
  • A few moments after this tutorial you find yourself fighting a number of machines. If you’ve forgotten how to switch weapons, this fight can be troublesome
  • If you want to switch weapons at any point simply open the weapon wheel and select the appropriate weapon
  • You open the weapon wheel by pressing L1 and then navigate using the stick to select the weapon you want to use
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