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How To Switch Freya To Sonic Arrows In God Of War Ragnarok

Once Freya joins your team, she has access to two different types of arrows. This guide on How To Switch Freya To Sonic Arrows In God Of War Ragnarok will tell you how you can switch her arrow ammo type as a lot of the puzzles you can now complete involve mixing up attacks between her Sigils and her Sonic arrows.

After the main story mission The Reckoning, Freya joins your party and can be used much in the same way as your other allies. She has her own skill tree, her own weapon to upgrade, and her own armor to equip. She comes with a new type of ability, Sigils, which opens up the solving of new puzzles as she can work with Kratos to remove the mushroom vines that sometimes block your path. As she replaces Atreus as your ally, she will also get Sonic Arrows.

How To Switch Freya To Sonic Arrows In God Of War Ragnarok

Sonic Arrows are used to solve different puzzles, usually objects you can destroy or manipulate using the sonic arrows. Freya’s default ammo select is her Sigil abilities. If you want to swap to use the Sonic Arrows, you simply press up on the d-pad. It’s worth noting that the cooldown is shared between the two. This means, if you fire off 3 of her Sigils to form a line to destroy a puzzle objective, she will have 0 Sonic Arrows until the cooldown resets.

And that’s How To Switch Freya To Sonic Arrows In God Of War Ragnarok

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