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How To Switch Pokemon Moves In Pokemon Quest

How To Learn New Pokemon Moves In Pokemon Quest
In order to power up your Pokemon in Pokemon Quest you will need to teach them new moves. This is kind of hidden in the menu but once you learn how to do it, the process is quite simple. Check out this guide to find out how to switch Pokemon moves in Pokemon Quest.

How To Change Pokemon Moves In Pokemon Quest

In order to switch your Pokemon’s moves in Pokemon Quest you will first need some extra Pokemon. You can get them by cooking meals and luring other Pokemon to your camp. When you have some extra Pokemon, go to Edit Team and then go to Training. At the top there are two options, level up and move learning. Pick move learning and from there you can teach your Pokemon new moves. If your Pokemon are the same type, they can easily learn a new move. I thought they would learn the move of the other Pokemon you used but my example Pokemon just both had the same move. Pokemon have a few moves they cycle through depending on the slot of the move, the level of the Pokemon learning the move and the evolution of the Pokemon learning the move.

How it works is, you pick a move to replace. Whichever slot you choose, that is the move you learn from the Pokemon you are absorbing. For this example I replaced my Roar on Vuplix which was in slot one. My Growlith had Flame Charge in his first slow and my Vulpix learned Flame Charge because that was the next move for Vulpix to learn. When I did this with my Parasec it switched to a completely different move from the Weedle it was learning a move from. This is most likely so you don’t have a low level Pokemon learning things like Flamethrower.

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