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How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint often switches your perspective automatically. This guide explains How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Breakpoint as it can be incredibly frustrating when the game decides to switch your view point over a different shoulder, completely disorientating.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is both a third-person and first-person action title. As such, the perspective is that of either of those options. In third-person its sitting slightly behind and to the side of your character. It’s default resting perspective is to sit on the left, leaving more room on the right for your reticle and aim.

How To Switch Shoulders In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

If the default perspective is alien to you, or the game keeps forcing you to fire in a different perspective, switching is simple. You simply press R1 or RB. Just tap it, don’t hold it. That will switch your shoulder whenever pressed.

And that’s all you need to know.

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