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How To Switch Shoulders In The Division 2

How To Switch Shoulders In The Division 2
The Division 2 features a robust cover and fire combat system with a variety of options. This guide explains How To Switch Shoulders In The Division 2 as, depending on the cover and the location of your enemy, you may find yourself looking from an entirely alien perspective.

As a default option, The Division 2 is an over the shoulder shooter from the right hand perspective. From this angle your character occupies the majority of the left side of your screen, as is traditional in third-person, up-close shooters. However, you are able to switch shoulders.

How To Switch Shoulders In The Division 2

Sometimes when you take cover, your character will aim over a different shoulder. This can be due to lack of visibility over your original shoulder, or the location of your enemy – if they are caught outside the original line of sight.

You can switch shoulders in The Division 2 at any time you are aiming down your weapon. As you are aiming, you need to press L3, or click in the left stick on Xbox One. This will immediately change your perspective to cover over the other shoulder.

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