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How To Switch Gear Stats And Perks In The Division

How To Switch Weapon And Gear Stats In The Division
Finding the gear you want in The Division is only half the battle. Thankfully you can switch the stats and perks on any piece gear you have if they don’t suit your needs currently. Check out this guide to find out How To Switch Gear Stats And Perks In The Division!

How To Switch Gear Stats In The Division – Recalibration Station

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First off you will need to have the Tech Wing unlocked in your base. Go to the upgrade station and select Recalibration and buy it. This will unlock the work bench you need to use to switch your stats and perks on gear. You can find the bench behind the Tech Wing upgrade station, on the right side. As you can see, you currently can’t select weapons and I’m not sure if that’s permanent or something was just messed up. You’d figure the most important part of the game would be re-rolling weapons to suit you but being able to do it on Gear is a good first step.

Select the piece of gear you want to upgrade and it will show the cost, currently 2000 for me and it might stay that way. When you select the gear you want to go to the stat you want to replace. On the right side you can see all the possible outcomes of the re-roll process, it will randomly select which one you get. You can only re-roll ONE stat per piece, after that it becomes locked and you can’t re-roll it again. You will get four choices when you re-roll. If the item only has three potential re-roll options then you will get a repeat. If it has 10 options then you will get 4 of them randomly, you cannot pick specifically.

This can add up very quickly so don’t waste a lot of time doing this on lower level gear. Check back soon for more Tom Clancy’s The Division Guides!

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