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How To Take Photo’s In The Crew 2

How To Take Photo's In The Crew 2
Stuck on a photo op you can’t complete? This guide will tell you How To Take Photo’s In The Crew 2 so that you are able to complete the Photo Op’s that require you to take a photograph of a specific animal or monument.

The Photo Mode is accessible by pressing left on the d-pad. This pauses all the action in the game world and lets you zoom in, pan around and locate your target. To take a photograph, you can simply press the photo button.

That bit is pretty simple but if you’re here, it’s likely you’re struggling to finish an objective. Once you locate the objective and take a photograph, if it is the correct objective, it will notify you instantly. For example, when taking a photograph of the bear for the Photo Op Bear With Me, as soon as I took the photograph the quest was complete and it informed me the objective had been removed. Check below for another example of a correct and wrong photograph.

The Crew 2 Photo Op Guide Correct
The Crew 2 Photo Op Guide Wrong

So if you’re taking constant photos of something for a photo op and it’s not automatically completing, it’s likely you need to look at another objective.

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