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How To Tame Creatures In No Man’s Sky Beyond

How To Tame Creatures In No Man's Sky Beyond
The NMS Beyond update is live and with it, brand new creature taming and riding! This guide explains How To Tame Creatures In No Man’s Sky Beyond as although it’s a basic system, you need to make certain bait and ensure you interact with creatures correctly if you want to tame them.

Taming creatures has multiple aspects involved. Creatures can be fed and not tamed, fed and tamed or fed and mountable. It all depends on the type of creature and the bait you are using. It’s a good idea to always carry plenty of Creature Pellets with you. These are a universal food that every creature will eat. It will not tame them but it will pacify them long enough for you to analyze the creatures informational attributes.

Before we get into specifics, you need to know how to throw the bait. Press down on the D-Pad, then navigate to “Utilities”. In that menu you will see a “Creature Bait” option. Simply select that option then choose your bait, your character will automatically throw it.

How To Tame Creatures In No Man’s Sky Beyond

How To Tame Creatures In No Man's Sky Beyond - Stats
So you’ve found your perfect creature, you’ve thrown some Creature Pellets down to stop it from eating your face off, what’s next? Use your scanner and scan the target. You will see a small information box appear on the screen. For this particular happy little fella, I require Ground Meat as a Bait. As I said before, you can use different baits on different creatures but if you want to tame them, you will need to use the specific bait as listed under the Bait section of this information box. Check out our guide on how to make all baits for more information.

When you give a creature its desired bait, it becomes tamed. You can instantly harvest any resources the animal may provide and you will notice a small smile icon over the animals head. They will follow you for a short distance but will quickly lose interest. If you can mount the animal, you can return it to your hub of operations.

That’s everything you need to know for how to tame animals in NMS Beyond.

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