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How To Tell Who Reveals Or Plays Cards First In Marvel Snap

Certain tips and tricks will help evolve your Marvel Snap gameplay far beyond casual levels. This guide on How To Tell Who Reveals Or Plays Cards First In Marvel Snap tells you the order in which cards are revealed between you and your opponent as it plays an absolutely huge role in how certain cards and effects work.

Certain cards and locations have effects that come into play once a card is revealed. A card is revealed once both players have ended their turn and the turn begins to play out. This is why it’s important to understand the reveal order as certain cards can impact the cards your opponents plays, sometimes mitigating their effects entirely.

How To Tell Who Reveals Or Plays Cards First In Marvel Snap

The gold outline that highlights the players name does not rotate on a turn-by-turn basis. Instead, the person who is winning the most locations will always reveal first. If there is a tie for the current locations, the rotation appears to randomize.

It’s a simple system once you realize but it can be a little confusing to figure out who reveals first, but now you know.

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