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How To Throw Team Mate, Blitz, & Pass In Blood Bowl 3 Beta

How To Throw Team Mate, Blitz, & Pass In Blood Bowl 3 Beta
The Blood Bowl 3 Closed Beta event is almost live. In this guide we discuss How To Throw Team Mate, Blitz, & Pass In Blood Bowl 3 Beta as a lot of players unfamiliar with the new ruleset may struggle with the controls. Blood Bowl 3’s new user interface is a huge step away from Blood Bowl 2. The minimalistic design has been replaced with an overload of information. As such, veterans of Blood Bowl 2 may find themselves a little confused on how to complete specific actions.

The overall note of importance here is the changes to the ruleset in Blood Bowl Second Season, or Blood Bowl 2020. Coaches are now required to declare actions at the very start of a players turn. If you’re simply making a block, this doesn’t have much effect, but if you’re hoping to do other actions, you will need to select a player and declare an action. Remember, if you want to do ANY action after moving, it must be declared before you move.

How To Throw Team Mate In Blood Bowl 3

How To Throw Team Mate In Blood Bowl 3
Throw Team Mate is one of the most confusing actions to complete as the interface, despite its overload of other information, doesn’t really provide you with enough information to make it fluid. Firstly, you will want select the Troll. You will know the Troll is selected because a blue circle will appear under the player. Once the Troll has been selected, hover your mouse over a Goblin Bruiser that is next to the Troll.

Hold the Left Mouse Button, this will bring up the radial menu. Select Throw Team Mate at the top of the menu, this will bring up another interface showing the range of Throw Team Mate. Then, select the square you want to throw a Goblin into. You will then see the “Go” icon appear at the bottom of the screen. Select that or press Space Bar to initiate the action.

How To Blitz, Pass, Hand Off & Foul

The rest of the actions work in the same. If you want to Blitz a distant target, you simply select the player and then select the target, the Blitz will automatically apply. If you want to do more complex actions, such as throwing a pass after picking up the ball, you need to activate the player. Select the player first and then choose the action you want to do during that players turn. Then complete any movement or other options prior, before using the skill at the end of the activation.

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