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How To Track Pokemon Footprints Using The Radar In Pokemon Go

How To Track Pokemon With The Radar In Pokemon Go
The Radar in Pokemon Go is a great tool that will help you figure out which Pokemon are around you and which ones you should hunt for. The problem is the game doesn’t explain how you can use it to actually find Pokemon. This Pokemon tracking guide will help you learn How To Track Pokemon Footprints With The Radar In Pokemon Go!

How To Track Pokemon Using The Radar In Pokemon Go

The radar is the little button in the bottom right that helps you track which Pokemon are near. You will have three, two or one footprints underneath the Pokemon when you start to track them. This is the distance they are from you, three is far away and one is close by. If they don’t have any footprints you can actually just click the Pokemon and summon it to battle.

Now the first thing I want to mention is the Radar is very hit and miss at the moment. They had an issue during the live test where tracking Pokemon wouldn’t change no matter how much you moved around. If you are looking for one that is three footprints away and it doesn’t change no matter how far you travel, reset the app and odds are that Pokemon will just disappear. It’s a bug and at the moment you just have to deal with it. Now on to the actual guide.

So pull up your radar and pick a three footprint Pokemon since they are the hardest to track. It seems really simple but this way does actually work after testing it a couple of times. Be sure not to walk into like an army base or something when trying this, we all want to be Pokemon masters but it isn’t worth getting arrested over. When you have the Pokemon selected just start walking straight. Eventually the Footprints will go down or the Pokemon will disappear. If the Pokemon disappears, turn around and go the other way and it should drop to two footprints meaning you are getting closer. Be sure to remember this spot because you need to know the halfway point between where it first goes down and where it goes back up. Keep going until the Pokemon footprints goes up again. Mark this spot and then go to the halfway marker between the first spot and second spot.

At the halfway spot you need to turn 90 degrees and start walking in a new direction. From the Halfway point you will be walking right at the Pokemon you are tracking or directly away from the Pokemon you are tracking. The important part is to remember the halfway point so you can go back if you are going to wrong direction. If the first direction at the halfway point doesn’t work, try the other and you should run right into the Pokemon you are looking for.

Again, this radar is bugged at the moment and some Pokemon on there just won’t change no matter how far you travel. If you think you’ve gone far without the footprints changing, reset the game and let it refresh, that Pokemon might not even be there.

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