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How To Track Resources In New World

One of the skills you unlock in New World will give you the ability to track resources in the game world. Check out this guide to find out how to track resources in New World. This way you can find all that ore and hemp you have been searching for.

  • Resources can be tracked via the compass at the top center of the screen once a resource has been unlocked
  • To unlock a resource to track, you must reach the appropriate level of harvesting that particular resource for it to appear
  • For example, reaching level 10 mining will show you where Iron Ore can be found on your compass
  • You can use the biomes on the resources map to limit the search, then explore the surrounding area with your compass

How To Track Resources In New World

In order to start tracking resources you will first have to unlock the skill. The number will depend on which craft you are after. Let’s take mining for example. After a certain amount of points, you will gain the skill to track down nearby silver nodes. The trick is that this is done automatically and you aren’t told that.

If you look up at your compass while you are near by some silver you will see a rock up there. This is how you track resources in New World. If you get close enough to a resource that you have the ability to track, it will pop up on your compass. Iron into silver, silver into gold, and so on and so forth. The tracking applies to plants, wood, food stuffs, and fish also. The higher the your skill, the more things you will be tracking at once.

The only down side I’ve seen is that you can’t switch what you are tracking. That means iron ore and silver ore look the same on the compass, so you aren’t sure what it is until you are on it.

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