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How To Uncloak A Lurker In Rainbow Six Extraction

The Lurker objectives in Alaska are some of the hardest study missions. This guide on How To Uncloak A Lurker In Rainbow Six Extraction will tell you how to complete the objective that tasks you with uncloaking a Lurker with REACT Tech or Operator Abilities, as well as some information on the other challenges in this study section.

The Alaska Study Objectives are relatively easy until you reach the Lurker section. Finding the Lurkers can be a challenge in itself but once you’ve found them, it can be a little confusing on how you deal with each of the challenges. The primary challenge is simply enough. Once a Lurker reveals its head, as it protrudes from its bullet proof shell, shoot it once in the face. That will complete the primary objective, but you may want to save that until you have done the other objectives.

How To Uncloak A Lurker In Rainbow Six Extraction

Lurkers don’t always behave in the same way but their initial patterns are very common. If spotted they will call out to nearby enemies with a howl. Usually, after they do the howl, they will retreat slightly and go into stealth for a few seconds, this is your opportunity. Any damage will break them from stealth but you need to use either an Operator Ability or REACT Tech. We found the best item to use was a Frag Grenade. It can be useful for a lot of objectives so it won’t hurt your chances of completing the run, and it offers a guaranteed hit as long as it’s within range.

Scan Grenades and Drones don’t work to reveal the stealth enemies, it just scans them. The Lurker will sometimes walk to other enemies and stealth them as well, then you simply need to shoot them to break the cloak.

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