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How To Unlock All Abilities In Control

How To Unlock All Abilities In Control
Want to know where to find and how to unlock all abilities in Control? This How To Unlock All Abilities In Control guide will tell you where you can find each of the different abilities Jessie can unlock including details on each abilities use in combat and how to unlock them.

Abilities play an important role in Control. They allow you to dispatch of your enemies quicker and increase your survivability in combat, furthermore, many achievements and in-game missions require you to use specific abilities in certain ways.

How To Unlock All Abilities In Control

How To Unlock Launch Ability
The Launch ability lets you use telekinetic powers to pick up objects and hurl them at enemies. It is unlocked during the very first mission, it’s part of the story and one you cannot miss. It’s after you cleanse the first Object of Power.

How To Unlock Evade Ability
The Evade ability allows you to dodge attacks. It can be used both on ground to avoid dangerous enemy abilities and in the air, allowing you to traverse greater distances with a single jump. You unlock the Evade ability once you complete A Merry Chase Side mission during Mission 3.

How To Unlock Shield Ability
The Shield ability allows you to use kinetic energy to form a shield of rubble directly in front of you. Can be a great ability when faced with snipers and other slow but heavy hitting units. You unlock the shield ability by completing the A Good Defense side mission.

How To Unlock Compel Ability
The Compel, or Seize, ability let’s you take control over a weakened enemy. Once an enemy is at approximately 15% health, a small button icon appears. You can hold this button to Seize the will of the enemy and have them fight by your side. This is unlocked by completing the A Captive Audience side mission.

How To Unlock Levitate Ability
Levitate is the final ability you unlock if you complete the side missions at the right time. However, it is only the second ability (alongside Launch) that is given in the story and cannot be missed. Avoiding any spoilers, you will unlock Levitate during Mission 6. It cannot be missed.

So that’s how you unlock all abilities in Control. Which ones your favorite? Post a comment below.

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