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How To Unlock All Characters In Fairy Tail

How To Unlock More Characters In Fairy Tail
Want to recruit more character companions and add friends to your party? This How To Unlock All Characters In Fairy Tail guide will tell you how each of the different characters you can recruit are unlocked as you progress through the story in Fairy Tail.

Much like the Fairy Tail show on TV, the game has a huge cast of interesting and colorful characters. With a huge array of enemy types and different elemental strengths and weaknesses, having the correct members in your party can be the difference between success and failure. As such, you’ll want to recruit as many of the shows strongest characters as possible, to bolster your forces and improve your chances of victory on the battlefield.

How To Become Friends With Every Character In Fairy Tail

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Wendy is unlocked by completing the first Request in the main story.

Complete the Snuggle Don’t Struggle Request. It’s early in the story, can’t miss it.

Complete the Get The Mail, Man Request, it’s directly after you unlock Gray.

Complete Juvia’s Character Story, it’s available at the Guild Hall at the start of Chapter 2.

After you complete the 1st days of activities in the Grand Magic Games, Gajeel will appear at the Inn with his Character Story. Defeat him in a duel.

Complete A Mermaid On Stage Character Story. It’s available in Chapter 7, it’s Kagura’s second character story.

Complete Stings Character Story, White vs. Red. You must complete Stings Favorite Things and then Search for the Celestial Spirit key first, both of which are Stings Character Stories. It’s available in Chapter 7

You first need to recruit Sting and then complete Rogue’s Character Stories. Once you complete the Character Story Battle of the Dragon Slayers Continued, Rogue will join you. It’s available in Chapter 7

You must complete The Perfect Team, which is Ichiya’s third Character Story during Chapter 7.

Once all of the Character Stories open in Chapter 7, complete Fairy Love, An Outing Together, and Sherria is On The Job, Character Stories for Sherria. Then she will join your team.

In the Final Chapter complete Jellal’s Character Stories Dark Guild Rumors, Beyond The Enchantment, and Evil Lurking, he will then become your friend.

You must complete A Favor For Mira, Kill It With Fire, and Coming Out Of Retirement Character Stories for Mirajane, available in the Epilogue.

You first must recruit Mirajane. Once she is recruited, complete all of Laxus’ Character Stories. The final one, Harvest Festival Memories, adds him to your party.

Complete his Character Story. He appears in the Final Chapter onwards, he’s on the second floor of the base. It’s a very tough fight but if you beat him, he will join as your friend.

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