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How To Unlock All Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel’s Midnight Suns features an exciting roster of heroes to unlock and play. In this guide on How To Unlock All Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns we’ve listed all of the characters we’ve unlocked so far and exactly what you need to do in order to unlock these characters as playable heroes yourself.

How To Unlock All Characters In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

How To Unlock Blade
Blade is unlocked during Chapter 1, The Awakening. As soon as The Hunter wakens from their slumber, they have a conversation with Blade. After this conversation, Blade is a playable hero.

How To Unlock Captain Marvel
After you return from the first main mission, where you defeat Venom, you will have to do some objectives around the Abbey. You unlock Captain Marvel after talking to her in the training room. Can’t miss it.

How To Unlock Nico
During Day Two Nico will send you a message while Hunter is in their quarters. After this, you have a cut-scene conversation. Nico becomes a playable character after that conversation.

How To Unlock Ghost Rider
During Night 2, after you, Dr. Strange, and Tony Stark open the Hydra Crate, Robbie Reyes will invite you to talk. You can then unlock him as a playable character.

How To Unlock Magik
During Night 2, Magik goes missing just before the mission. Once you find her, you unlock her as a character.

How To Unlock Spider-Man
You unlock Spider-Man during the main story. Around Night 3 or 4 you will unlock a Story Mission at the Mirror Table where you work with Spider-Man. Complete the mission to unlock him.

How To Unlock Captain America
Follow the main story until Hunter, Iron Man, and Captain America had to defend Avengers Tower. After that mission, you unlock Captain America.

How To Unlock Wolverine
At the start of Part 2, you will get a Story Mission called “The Changing Face of Evil”. Complete this story mission to unlock Wolverine.

How To Unlock Scarlet Witch
During Part 2, you’ll have a mission to fight Scarlet Witch and cleanse her of Mother’s corruption. After this mission, she becomes a playable character.

How To Unlock Hulk
There is a story mission late into the game where Hunter and the team are sent to cleanse the Hulk. After you complete that mission, you can use Hulk as a playable character.

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