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How To Unlock All Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

There are over 20 unique classes to unlock in the game. This guide on How To Unlock All Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will tell you how to unlock all of the classes in the game as well as providing tips and tricks on how to level the classes faster to unlock more skills for all characters.

There are two elements to unlocking each class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Firstly you need to unlock the class and then you need to learn the class. If the class is unlocked, on the class screen, you will see the classes stats (A, B, C, D, S etc), but the portrait will be dark. If you have yet to unlock the class, you will only see a silhouette, no stats. Once a class is unlocked it must be learned.

How To Unlock All Classes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

You learn a class by having other characters that have access to the class use it. For example, the first class you unlock is Flash Fencer. Noah automatically learns this when the class is unlocked, but nobody else does. If you want other characters in your party to learn Flash Fencer, you must let Noah use it in front of the party. You earn points for each combat so while it’s not instant, just equip a class to teach it to other members of your roster.

Below is a list of all the classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and how to unlock them.

Class NameHow To UnlockInheritor
Flash FencerStory ProgressNoah
Guardian CommanderStory ProgressNoah
War MedicStory ProgressLanz
Full Metal JaguarComplete Hero Quest A Gray Matter. You need Wall Climb and go to this location. There's a ? here. Approach it to start this quest.Eunie
ThaumaturgeComplete Hero Quest Going Beyond Power. There's a ? at this location. Mio
YumsmithStory ProgressSena
StalkerStory ProgressNoah
Lone ExileComplete Hero Quest The Wrath Of Ashera, you can find it at this location.

You come here as part of the story in Chapter 4
StrategosComplete Hero Quest Unwavering Resolve. You can find it at Colony LambdaTaion
Lost VanguardComplete Hero Quest Vandham's Heir. You need to gather Rumors in Great Sword City Interior and then discuss (Great Sword is a story location)Eunie
Martial ArtistStory ProgressSena
TroubadourStory ProgressMio
SigniferComplete Hero Quest Transparent Dreams at this locationLanz
SoulhackerComplete Hero Quest Doing It My Way. You can find it at Colony 15 in CadensiaLanz
SeraphComplete Hero Quest A Twist Of Fate which is started at this locationTaion
LifesageI did this post-game. Just visit the ? at this location and Nia unlocksMio
Royal SummonerI did this post-game. Visit this floor of the Castle and head to the ?Noah
IncursorComplete Hero Quest Her Reasons at this locationTaion
Machine AssassinComplete all quests in Colony 4 and then head to this location to start the Hero Quest Inhumanity. Complete the quest.Sena
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