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How To Unlock All Heroes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Heroes are powerful allies that also unlock additional classes. This guide on How To Unlock All Heroes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will tell you where to find all of the heroes we’ve unlocked so you can add additional allies to your roster and unlock more powerful classes.

Most of the classes you can unlock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 come from Heroes. Heroes are powerful allies that, once recruited, allow you to use their class. Through using that class Noah and the others are then able to use the class to teach it to other characters.

How To Unlock All Heroes In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Hero NameHow To UnlockQuest LevelClass
EthelComplete No Want Of Courage, Story based.17Flash Fencer
ZeonComplete Where The Heart Is at Colony 4. Complete Discussion at the camp22Guardian Commander
ValdiComplete The Kind Right Hand. Story Based.20War Medic
GrayComplete A Gray Matter (? at that location)26Full Metal Jaguar
TeachComplete Hero Quest Going Beyond Power. There's a ? at this location, to start the quest25Thaumaturge
Riku & MananaComplete Hero Quest A Nopon's Counsel. Story based.24Yumsmith
JuniperComplete Hero Quest Natural Selection. Story based.31Stalker
AsheraComplete Hero Quest The Wrath Of Ashera, you can find it at this location.

You come here as part of the story in Chapter 4
36Lone Exile
IsurdComplete Hero Quest Unwavering Resolve. You can find it at Colony Lambda27Strategos
MonicaComplete Hero Quest Vandham's Heir. You need to gather Rumors in Great Sword City Interior and then discuss (Great Sword is a story location)43Lost Vanguard
GondorStory Based50Martial Artist
MiyabiComplete Hero Quest Side Story: Mio. Story based50Troubadour
FionaComplete Hero Quest Transparent Dreams at this location45Signifer
TritonComplete Hero Quest Doing It My Way. You can find it at Colony 15 in Cadensia46Soulhacker
CammuraviComplete Hero Quest A Twist Of Fate which is started at this location52Seraph
NiaI did this post-game. Just visit the ? at this location and Nia unlocksN/ALifesage
MeliaI did this post-game. Visit this floor of the Castle and head to the ?N/ARoyal Summoner
AlexandriaComplete Hero Quest Her Reasons at this location40Incursor
SegiriComplete all quests in Colony 4 and then head to this location to start the Hero Quest Inhumanity. Complete the quest.56Machine Assassin
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