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How To Unlock All Operators In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Each Operator brings their own unique sets of skills and abilities. This guide on How To Unlock All Operators In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction will tell you the requirements to unlock each of the 18 Operators that are available to play in Rainbow Six Extraction at release.

Operators act as a class system in Rainbow Six Extraction. Each of them are popular characters from the Rainbow Six Siege franchise. While some of the core elements of these Operators are the same, due to the different style of the game, they work differently to how they work in Rainbow Six Siege. However, much like Siege, having access to as many Operators as possible ensures you will always have the correct tools for the job. Below is a list of all of the Operators in the game and how to unlock them.

How To Unlock All Operators In Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Operator NameRequirements
DocUnlocked By Default
ElaUnlocked By Default
PulseUnlocked By Default
AlibiUnlocked By Default
FinkaUnlocked By Default
HibanaUnlocked By Default
LionUnlocked By Default
SledgeUnlocked By Default
VigilUnlocked By Default
IQReach Development Milestone 5
JagerReach Development Milestone 5
RookReach Development Milestone 5
FuzeReach Development Milestone 10
SmokeReach Development Milestone 10
TachankaReach Development Milestone 10
CapitaoReach Development Milestone 17
GridlockReach Development Milestone 17
NomadReach Development Milestone 17

The Development Milestone requirements are a culmination of experience earned through leveling Operators and completing Studies Objectives.

Studies Objectives let you increase your Development Milestones experience points. This Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction New York Studies Objectives Guide will tell you how to complete all of the Studies Objectives related to the New York Hot-Spots so you can earn as much experience points as fast as possible.
A staple part of Siege and a vital part of the new Tom Clancy game also. This guide on How To Aim & Lean Around Corners In Rainbow Six Extraction will walk you through the two techniques you can use to get an edge over your enemies as you peer around corners for maximum sight with minimal exposure.
Tons of your favorite Siege Operators make their return in the new Tom Clancy game. Check out this List Of Operators In Rainbow Six Extraction for a complete list of every Operator currently available in the game, both those available at the start and all the Operators you can unlock in the game.
Missing In Action missions can be incredibly difficult as a solo player. This guide on How To Solo MIA Missions In Rainbow Six Extraction will provide you with a list of hints and tips so that you're able to extract your missing Operators solo, without the need of a full team of squad mates.

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