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How To Unlock All Poundmates In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Poundmates are a summoning-like system in Infinite Wealth where you summon powerful allies to do attacks. This guide on How To Unlock All Poundmates In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth tells you where you can find and how you can unlock all of the different Poundmates in the game.

Once you have progressed far enough into the story, around Chapter 3, you will unlock the Poundmates app. This unique app allows you to summon powerful allies in combat in exchange for cash. They are very strong but also very expensive. As you use each Poundmate, the money spent on hiring them goes towards upgrading them, adding more unique and powerful abilities as the Poundmate grows.

Below is a list of all of the Poundmates in Infinite Wealth and how they are unlocked.

How To Unlock All Poundmates In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

Complete Substory 3: Crazy Money (Substory Guide) to unlock Charlie. This Substory is part of the main story on Hawaii. You will be given a mission to earn some money, which unlocks Substory 3, and once you have completed it Charlie will join your Poundmates contacts.

Complete Substory 15: Samurai May We Walk Together? (Substory Guide) which can be found on the west end of the beach. After you fight off the enemies at the end of the Substory, Nathan will be available as a Poundmate to summon.

Kazami Evolution
Complete Substory 13: Rock And Roil (Substory Guide) in which you help a rockstar and a shaman summon a powerful storm to help with the recording of a music video. Once you have completed the Substory, Kazami will join as a Poundmate.

Nancy & Olivia
Complete Substory 10: Coming Out Of Her Shell (Substory Guide) where you help Olivia, a crab from Hawaii, reclaim her stolen shell and replace her home. Once you have rescued her, she joins you at your base and Nancy and Olivia become available to summon via the Poundmates app.

Bony Kashiwa
Complete Substory 27: The Pursuit Of Realism (Substory Guide). This is a Substory where a direction asks you to complete a stunt scene dodging cars and explosions. If you fail, you can reduce the amount of cars. However, I did the challenge on the original difficulty. You should still unlock Bony, but just a heads up in case.

Patriarch Gondawara
Complete Substory 24: Let It Snow (Substory Guide) where you help an elderly couple bring snow to Hawaii in the wifes final moments. Once you have finished the Substory, Patriarch Gondawara becomes available to summon via Poundmates.

Complete Substory 22: Rise and Grind (Substory Guide). After completing the Substory, Mameoka will join your Poundmates app.

Sojimaru Flying Beta Max
Complete Substory 30: Close Encounters Of The Bird Kind, which is part of a small chain of Substories. This is a challenging series as you have to fight a challenging enemy on multiple occasions. You get 30,000+ experience and 6,000+ cash, so it’s worth doing. You also unlock this Poundmate.

Complete Substory 46: A Man Facing The Future, which is a series of Substories where you battle legendary fighter Asakura. At the end of the chain of Substories, Asakura will join as a Poundmate.

Revolve Bartender
Do Karaoke at Revolve to increase your relationship with the Bartender. Once you reach maximum bond, speak with him and he’ll join as a Poundmate. When you sing a song and the relationship goes up, you will need to wait some time or do some fights and then return to raise it further.

Kazuki & Yuya
Complete all of Date’s Memoirs of a Dragon to unlock these two as Poundmates

Kaoru Sayama
Complete No.47 Memories of Sayama, part of Date’s Life Link quest chain. This unlocks Sayama as a Poundmate.

Yuki & Koyuki
Complete No.40 Memories of Sunshine to unlock Yuki and Koyuki as Poundmates.

Sotaro Komaki
Head to this location and complete No. 38 Memories of Komaki to unlock him as a Poundmate.

Pocket Circuit Fighter
Head to this location and complete No. 35 Memories of Pocket Circuit to recruit Pocket Circuit Fighter as a Poundmate

Shun Akiyama
Head to this location and complete Life Link 7 with Date to unlock Shun.

Makoto Date
Complete all of Kiryu’s Life Link events to unlock Date as a Poundmate.

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