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How To Unlock All Traversal Skills In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a massive game world so traversal skills are invaluable. This guide on How To Unlock All Traversal Skills In Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will tell you how you can unlock each of the travel skills so that you’re able to climb vines, climb sandy hills, use ropes & zipwires, and one to avoid hazards.

Much of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 unfolds as you progress. Even the very first map has secrets and collectibles that you can’t reach until near the end of the game. This is due to the Traversal Skills system. Doing specific tasks, such as climbing rocks, requires unique abilities. Unlocking these abilities lets you reach new areas and discover new things.

How To Unlock All Traversal Skills In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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Wall Climbing
Wall Climbing let’s you climb walls, or more specifically, certain walls. When you are exploring you will find cliffs and walls that are covered in purple vines. You can use wall climb to climb purple vines. Once you have unlocked Wall Climbing you can use it to traverse these vines and reach new locations. Wall Climbing is unlocked during Chapter 2 following the story.

Rope Sliding
Have you seen the yellow lines on the map? These are special ropes that you can slide across with if you have the power that lets you use the zipwire or tight rope to reach new areas. This is a Traversal Power that cannot be missed. It’s part of the story as you progress through the game. Follow the story through Chapter 3 and you will unlock Rope Sliding after you recruit the hero Juniper.

Scree Walking
This unique Traversal Skill allows you to climb certain slopes without sliding. These appear as large sand slopes, with moving sand that knocks you back down to the start. To learn this skill you need to head to this location. There’s a ? here for a Hero Quest. Complete the Hero Quest to unlock the skill

Hazard Neutralization
The final traversal skill allows you to walk through hazards like the purple ooze you find on the floor in some areas. You need to head to Colony 4 and complete all of the side quests there. Once you have all of the quests there unlocked, head to this location to start Hero Quest Inhumanity.

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