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How To Unlock Better Darts In Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life

How To Unlock Better Darts In Yakuza 6 The Song Of Life
Darts is another exciting mini-game in Yakuza 6. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Better Darts In Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life so you can get yourself some better equipment to complete all the different darts stories and take down any opponent that gets in your way.

Darts is a fun mini-game but it’s also related to several Substories so getting better equipment can really help you to victory. There are four different darts that you are able to obtain. Although the game does not list stats, the better the dart provides a better advantage. For example, if you miss-throw Beginner Darts, you’re likely to miss by a mile but doing the same with the highest ranking darts can still hit your target dead on. Below is a list of the different darts you can unlock.

Beginner Darts Rank C: Automatically available
Intermediate Darts Rank B: Complete a match again a Medium difficulty Darts opponent found in Club SEGA Theater Square In Kamurocho
Expert Darts Rank A: Complete a match against a Hard difficulty Darts opponent. Found in Club SEGA Theater Square In Kamurocho
Paul Lim Special Rank S: Complete Dart Substory #13: Showdown With Paul Lim.

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