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How To Unlock Cooking & Prepare Meals In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Preparing meals is one of the first Dreamlight Duties. This guide on How To Unlock Cooking & Prepare Meals In Disney Dreamlight Valley will tell you how to complete that Dreamlight Duty as early in the game you will not be able to Prepare Meals because you must first unlock the ability to cook items.

Cooking in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is one of the more exciting parts of the game. There are tons of recipes, tons of ingredients, all sorts of things you can combine and cook. A lot of the food helps with your characters energy levels and various meals and food items are used in quests throughout the game. You’ll be doing a lot of cooking if you plan on playing the game for any length of time.

How To Unlock Cooking & Prepare Meals In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Thankfully, you can unlock cooking really early in the game. Follow the starting story mission to find all of the tools. Once you’ve gathered all of the tools head to Mickey’s house. It’s the house directly opposite your own house. Once inside speak with Mickey and begin his quest chain.

There are a series of quests here but they are all very easy and Mickey will guide you through them. It’s a basic introduction to the farming and cooking system. At the end of the quest chain Mickey will give you a stove. You can then use the stove to begin creating recipes and preparing foods.

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