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How To Unlock Crafting In Everspace 2

How To Unlock Crafting In Everspace 2
Crafting is an integral part of Everspace 2 but it’s not available at the beginning. This guide on How To Unlock Crafting In Everspace 2 will walk you through the process of unlocking the crafting system so you can upgrade your existing components or create new ones to improve your Sentinel.

Crafting is unlocked in a very specific way in Everspace 2. You must locate a Trading Outpost, there are a number of them scattered through the initial tutorial zones. They are displayed on your heads up display as you fly around each of the zones in space. Once you arrive at a Trading Outpost you need to purchase a specific item. Every Trading Outpost I have visited has at least one of these items but they also increase your carrying capacity, so they are a vital purchase for all players. You need to buy an item called Cargo Unit.

How To Craft In Everspace 2

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Once you have purchased a single Cargo Unit, it will increase your cargo capacity, it will also unlock crafting. If you want to begin experimenting with the different crafting options available to you, you simply need to make sure you have at least one empty space in your inventory.

As long as you have the empty space, highlight it. You should now see the crafting option available under “R”. Hold the R key to open up the crafting interface. This is where you can see a list of the blueprints that you’re able to craft. Then it’s just a matter of tracking down the different crafting materials required in order to upgrade the various components of your Sentinel ship. You can now also dismantle items in Everspace 2, which is a great resource for crafting materials.

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