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How To Unlock Dash In Rogue Legacy 2

How To Dash In Rogue Legacy 2
There is an option to dash in the controls but it’s not available straight away. This guide on How To Unlock Dash In Rogue Legacy 2 explains how to unlock the unique action that’s tied to a very valuable heirloom, as well as the basic information on how you use the Dash skill itself.

There are several Heirlooms in Rogue Legacy 2. These are unique and very powerful items that, once unlocked, remain with your character forever. These grant new abilities, giving access to previously unavailable areas and making future runs that little bit easier. To unlock Dash, you need The Power of Momentum.

How To Dash In Rogue Legacy 2

How To Dash In Rogue Legacy 2
Assuming you are using a controller, you can use the Dash action with L2/LT and R2/RT, the dash is always in the direction you are facing. Dash can only be used once per jump action. So you can dash, leap off a lantern and land, but you could not dash again until you have landed. The challenge to unlock the dash action is a great tutorial for how to use Dash, albeit a challenging one. If you are using keyboard, you’re crazy, and Dash is Q and E.

How To Unlock Dash In Rogue Legacy 2

How To Unlock Dash In Rogue Legacy 2
Rogue Legacy 2 is a rogue-like game that presents players with randomized levels each time they attempt a run. This makes it impossible for us to tell you exactly where to find the mission to unlock Dash. It is a Heirloom mission, you’ve probably come across at least one before. A large statue holding an Heirloom tasks you with completing a challenge. The room for The Power of Momentum is exactly as shown above. The location will be different but the room is the same.

Once you have found the room, agree to complete the challenge. Once the challenge is complete, you will be able to dash on all future characters in Rogue Legacy 2.

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