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How To Unlock Doors & Safes In Far Cry 5

How To Unlock Doors & Safes In Far Cry 5
Found a locked door or a safe hiding some goodies? This guide will tell you How To Unlock Doors & Safes In Far Cry 5, offering a quick and informative walkthrough to show you the basics of breaking into private areas and picking locks in Far Cry 5.

There are two types of locked door and safes in Far Cry 5. There are ones that are locked with a Keycard and then the others that are locked the old fashioned way. With, well, a lock. The Keycard doors cannot be picked or broken into. Such as the door in the 12 Vietnam Lighters Side Mission. Other doors and particularly safes however, can be broken into.

There are two methods to choose from here. You can either choose the Locksmith Perk from the third section down. Which allows you to pick the locks of safes and doors steathily. Or you can choose the Repair Torch Perk from the top tree. The Repair Torch Perk does not work on doors, it only works on safes. However, it does have the added benefit of being able to repair vehicles.

For thievery alone, Locksmith Perk is far better. You can access any area in the game that is not story locked or hidden behind a Keycard door or safe. Once you have the Locksmith Perk figuring out How To Unlock Doors & Safes In Far Cry 5 is simple. Approach a locked door and a prompt will display telling you how to pick the lock. It does take 15-20 seconds so try to avoid attempting a lockpick during heavy firefight.

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