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How To Unlock Dual Colored Decks In Magic: Legends

How To Unlock Dual Colored Decks In Magic: Legends
Magic decks are as varied as they are colorful but can you unlock dual colored decks in Magic: Legends? This guide on How To Unlock Dual Colored Decks In Magic: Legends explains the limitations of the Magic: Legends deck system which, although is not as infinite in possibilities as traditional Magic, you can still have more than a single color.

In Magic each spell is governed by a specific mana type. Red spells, green spells, white spells, etc. Each spell typically has a particular base type. For example, red traditionally focuses on direct damage spells and aggro-like creatures, whereas white is more traditionally focused on healing creatures and providing buffs. As such, running multiple colored decks is usually the go-to in most Magic games and Magic: Legends is no different.

How To Unlock Dual Colored Decks In Magic: Legends

How To Unlock Dual Colored Decks In Magic Legends Base
When you first begin your journey in Magic: Legends, you get to choose a class. There are only two classes available (you can unlock more classes later), each corresponding with a particular type of spells. However, you are not limited to those spells. For example, if you choose Geomancer, you will unlock red spells at first. However, later in the game, you can have whatever colors you wish to have in your deck. The class itself only limits the starting skills and the traits that they learn, the rest can be swapped at will.

The tutorial area of the game, Tazeem, is quite lengthy. It’s the same for all starting classes. It acts as both a tutorial and an introduction to the world itself. You will learn how to use your basic spells and abilities, as well as the fundamental mechanics of the game. After you complete Tazeem, you can progress to other regions, following the natural flow of the story. Before long, you will unlock Your Realm. This is a special location that acts as a central hub for a lot of activities. Once you have reached this area, you will be able to begin adding two spell colors to your decks.

  • Choose any cahracter to start the game.
  • Progress through the Tazeem tutorial and complete the region
  • Once you have completed Tazeem, you will soon unlock Your Realm
  • Once Your Realm is unlocked, you will be able to spec multiple colored cards into your deck.
  • Interact with your Aetheric Core at Your Realm
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