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How To Unlock Farming In Undawn

Farming offers the opportunity to grow foods that provides useful and powerful buffs in Undawn. This guide on How To Unlock Farming In Undawn walks you through the process of unlocking the farm on your Homestead so you can begin planting, fertilizing, and harvesting crops and foods items that are otherwise very difficult to obtain.

It’s worth noting that the farming system in Undawn is a progressive one. This means, at least at first, it’s very limited in the space and what you can grow. As you continue to increase in level you will unlock more farming plots. To begin with you can unlock 5 Farming Plots for 100-200 silver each. You will then need to increase your characters level if you want to unlock additional plots in which to farm.

How To Unlock Farming In Undawn

To unlock the Farming system itself, it’s as simple as upgrading your Homestead and leveling it up. Once you have enough Homestead level you can visit the signpost outside your Homestead and access the Estate Management screen. On this screen you can press the Level Up button to see the requirements for reaching the next level of Homestead.

Once you reach Level 3 Homestead you will unlock farming. You can then use the farm that’s within the Homestead to grow crops. Before you can do this, however, you must first clear the crop spots of weeds. This costs 100 Silver at first then increases to 200 Silver. You can only clear a certain amount of crop locations depending on your characters level.

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