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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Dying Light 2

There are so many benefits to fast travel in Dying Light 2 but first we have to know How To Unlock Fast Travel In Dying Light 2. There is a rather complicated fast travel system in Dying Light 2, it’s not as simple as most games. You need to do more than just find certain locations or interact with certain points of interest.

Traversing the world at night is a terrifying task in Dying Light 2. As such, we instantly pull up the map and look to fast travel somewhere safe. Unfortunately, Dying Light 2’s fast travel system isn’t all that useful. Yes, you can use it to fast travel out of sticky situations, but it’s very limited.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Dying Light 2

You cannot unlock Fast Travel until you reach the Central Loop. This is the second area of the game. There are several hours worth of story missions that need to be completed before you reach this area. Once you reach this area a story missions introduces you to Electrical Substations, minor puzzle buildings that must be solved before you’re able to bring power to an area. Once there is power in an area, you can use any Metro Stations you’ve discovered as Fast Travel Points.

It’s worth noting that some of the key story locations, such as the Peacekeepers HQ on the boat, also act as fast travel points. There are a few fast travel points in each area but you can only use the story locations and the Metro Stations. You cannot fast travel to camps or other green structures.

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