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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Just Cause 4

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Just Cause 4
Just Cause 4 features a huge open world but traveling can be a little slow at the start. This guide will tell you How To Unlock Fast Travel In Just Cause 4 so you can get to distance locations much faster using a number of unlocked pilots to help transport you around.

Rico has access to a huge variety of different tools that can aid with traveling large distances. You can use a combination of your Grappling Hook, Wingsuit and Parachute to continuously remain airborne and travel quickly but this isn’t the best method of fast travel in Just Cause 4.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Just Cause 4

There is a more traditional Fast Travel mechanic that you can unlock as you progress through Just Cause 4. Before you can use Fast Travel you must first unlock The Illapa Project mission in Wachikuni. You do this by completing the Wanay Extraction mission, a simple mission that has you free and escort civilians to join your rebel caused. Once you have won Wachikuni, you can then embark on The Illapa Project mission, which unlocks Fast Travel.

Once you have completed this mission you will have access to your first pilot. Once the pilot is unlocked you can click any point of interest or location on the map and request transport. You can then choose a more specific location to drop down. Unfortunately, you cannot Fast Travel entirely at will. Each Pilot will need to refuel after performing a single action, meaning they are unavailable for a short period.

Once the cooldown is complete, they will be available again as normal. You can unlock additional pilots to use as you progress through Just Cause 4. That’s How To Unlock Fast Travel In Just Cause 4.

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