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How To Unlock Fast Travel In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Fast Travel is a fantastic tool for navigating the landscape quickly and easily. In this guide on How To Unlock Fast Travel In Star Wars Jedi Survivor we’ll explain both how to unlock the fast travel mechanic and how you can use it, as further into the game you will be backtracking a lot, so faster travel is a huge help when trying to complete tasks.

Unfortunately, there is a single drawback to fast travel that you will come to dislike as you progress through the game. You can only fast travel from specific locations, specifically Meditation Points. These points are scattered throughout the game, marked by icons on the floor and a glowing beam of light from the distance. As you get towards the latter stages of the game, many tasks and objectives will have you exploring areas deep into previously explored locations. The inability to instantly fast travel back to the point of origin can be a little frustrating.

How To Unlock Fast Travel In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To unlock fast travel you simply need to follow the main story. A short distance into the game you will reach the Derelict Dam. Once you reach this location you will see a Meditation Point that you can interact with. Use it to unlock the Meditation Point as a future fast travel location. Once this point has been unlocked you can then use this, and all future Meditation Points, as locations of fast travel.

Remember, you can only fast travel from a Meditation Point.

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